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North Oldham AP Alumni Testimonials

North Oldham AP Alumni Testimonials

What former AP students say about what taking AP courses at North Oldham has done for them: 


I graduated from Centre an entire year early with a major in Financial Economics and a minor in Mathematics. I came in as a second-semester freshman with 20 credit hours. This saved be about $12,000! Keep encouraging those students to take as many APs as possible.
- Rachel Richards, Centre College


I received 39 hours of credit at the University of Cincinnati for the AP courses I took while at North. I entered college as a sophomore, which saved me an entire year of college costs. Even had I chosen not to use (or could not have used) those credits, I am confident that I would have performed very well in the college-level equivalents because of how prepared I was by my AP teachers. The workload in AP is very similar to college, and in some instances harder than a lot of the work I have had to do in my first semester here. The material in my introductory engineering courses was actually all covered in AP Physics and AP Computer Science, and I only have to take one general education class, so I am now already working on my major. Taking AP courses at North was one of the best academic decisions I have ever made!
- Emily Morsman, University of Cincinnati


I took 11 AP classes while at North Oldham High School (2 as a freshman, 1 as a sophomore, 4 as a junior, 4 as a senior). TCU accepted 43 credit hours – 40 counted towards core classes and 3 counted for elective credit. Since you need 124 credit hours to graduate, those hours will allow me to graduate a year and a half early. Taking AP classes at North absolutely helped me. Pushing myself by taking AP courses prepared me for college more so than could a normal class. Not only do you get college credit – which saves both time and money – but you also learn how to more effectively manage your schoolwork and time. These classes definitely put me at an advantage in college.
- Andrew Lamorueux, Texas Christian University


While MIT does not accept AP classes in place of MIT math / science classes, I did get out of Calculus 1 (which is Calculus 1 and 2 in most other schools), and I received 13.5 general credit hours for my non math / science AP classes.
- Lindsey Wattley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The AP program at North was beneficial for me in several ways. The class structures were very similar to what I have experienced in college thus far, which really helped me adapt academically. After only one semester here, I am also already considered a sophomore as a result of coming into college with 9 credit hours from my AP exams in AP English Language & Composition, AP US Government & Politics, and AP Psychology.
- Haley Oliver, Georgetown College


The AP Program at North offered some great courses that prepared me for life after high school. I was lucky enough to receive great scores on all my AP exams, so 6 APs transferred into 18 credit hours for me. Many think it is foolish to take so many APs when they may offer nothing tangible in return, but I do not think that is true. While my APs only took away a few courses, that was still great for me because I was able to devote my freshman year to finding an area of study in which I was truly interested. I think it is important for all incoming college freshman to have a couple credits under their belt when they walk in the door so they can have that same opportunity. Also the additional credits allowed me to schedule my courses early because here scheduling priority is based on the number of credit hours already earned.
- Adair Neff, Indiana University


Taking AP classes in high school absolutely benefited me! Coming into college, I had heard that freshman year would be a rude awakening. However, the courses I took in my freshman year were much easier than many of the AP classes I took at NOHS. All my AP exams more than adequately prepared me for taking college exams as they forced me to answer application-based questions rather than definitional questions which is what I consistently find on my college exams. And balancing multiple AP courses my junior and senior years, helped me prepare to balance the college work load I now see. The 24 hours I received from passing my APs put me ahead of my peers. AP Language allowed me to take one semester of WRD 112 instead of two semesters of WRD 110 and 111. AP Human Geography gave me credit towards the “inquiry into the social sciences” core requirement. AP Government counted towards the “community, culture, and citizenship in the USA” core requirement. AP psychology counted for PSY 100 and AP Economics counted for both Econ 201 and Econ 202.
- Sydney Darwin, University of Kentucky