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AP Economics

As the top major at many of the most coveted ivy league colleges/universities in the nation, Economics is the gateway to understanding how corporate America and the government really works! This course is an examination of how consumers and producers interact in the marketplace - and elsewhere - while simultaneously considering the government’s attempts to promote greater ‘efficiency’ through an analysis of economic performance measures, the workings of the financial sector, and international trade.

A major emphasis of this course is in developing critical thinking and economic reasoning skills that readily transfer to your every day life - i.e., you will never argue, reason, or think the same way again! Extensive math skills are not required for success in this course, and in our analysis we will incorporate a variety of hands-on activities in addition to traditional lectures, exams and problem solving.

In addition to preparing a student for the Advanced Placement exam in both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, this course could potentially help you earn 6-10 university credits upon passing both exams.

If you have any interest in going into economics, politics, business, or law, this is the only course in high school you must take, and if your interests lie elsewhere, economics is an extremely common liberal arts requirement at many colleges because the course explain nearly every interaction you will ever have - even when money is not involved!



TEACHER:  Dan Pfaff

DOCUMENTS: AP_Economics_Why_Brochure