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AP Human Geography

Advanced Placement Human Geography (APHG) offers an opportunity for students to receive World History or elective credit in a challenging and rewarding academic environment. Focused on patterns across space, including services, agriculture, industry, population, migration, ethnicity, urban patterns, religion, language, culture, and political systems, APHG offers both a historical and modern analysis of processes that shape the modern world and the future. With a broad scope and connections to multiple fields of study, APHG emphasizes elements of study that students have found applicable to their own lives and serve as the basis for a number of possible careers. Upon completion of the class, students know that they have been challenged to keep pace with the material and to see the world in new terms, which comes with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. There is no guarantee, but APHG offers students a unique approach to understanding the world and its people through engaging, thought-provoking and collaborative learning.



Teacher: Tina Beck