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AP Physics C Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism

The Mechanics course is a rigorous treatment of classical Newtonian Physics with Calculus. As a semester course, it is designed as an introductory class for college students desiring a degree in the engineering or science fields. The Electricity and Magnetism course is a rigorous treatment of Electricity and Magnetism Physics with Calculus. It will be conducted during the second semester following Physics C – Mechanics. A college-like lab component is vital in physics, and students will be expected to complete a set of formal labs designed to be hands-on and illustrate the elementary topics of physics. In Physics C – Mechanics, topics include linear and circular motion, forces and torques, energy, linear and angular momentum, and simple harmonic motion. In Physics C – Electricity and Magnetism, topics include static and moving charges, Coulomb’s Law, Gauss’s Law, LRC circuits, Biot Savart’s Law, E and B Fields, and Maxwell’s Equations. Students will take 2 separate 1.5 hour AP exams and may earn up to 2 semesters of college physics with calculus credit.

PRE-REQUISITES: Physics OR AP Physics I. Note: This class meets only 3 days per week (1 hour per class) with the other 2 days in independent study. Since lab activities occupy 20% of the class, the pace of these classes is similar to their college counterparts. Calculus is a pre or co-requisite of this course as well.


TEACHER:  Chelsea Thornhill