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AP Studio: Drawing Portfolio

AP Drawing is designed for the serious art student whose goal is the development of proficiency in concept, composition and execution of their artistic expression. Many times, students who are interested in pursuing architecture or visual art at the college level are asked to submit a portfolio focusing on their drawing skills----this course will help students to develop a portfolio that they can submit for those purposes. In this course, students will be given the opportunity to compare their work to other high school students on a national scale. Course content is based upon the timely development of a drawing portfolio that will be submitted for evaluation in early May. Although the portfolio is called drawing; wet media (painting) may also be used to address drawing concepts. Students will submit a total of 24 works in May; some work may be submitted from earlier classes if it is deemed to be of AP quality. The portfolio addresses various drawing/painting concepts and consists of three sections: Breadth, Quality and Concentration.

Class content consists of developing portfolio-quality pieces with the help and input of Ms. Meine and peers. Critiques are an integral part of this course to assist students in furthering their artistic expression and voice. Drawing/painting from life is a major portion of this course and will include focus on new uses of traditional media, exploration of mark-making, and exploration of figure drawing, portraits, still life and landscapes. The second part of the course focuses upon students’ exploring a theme of their own choosing through a series of 8 to 12 related works.

PRE-REQUISITES: Specialized Art I & II, Drawing/Painting or 2-D Design