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AP United States History

This course is a survey course of United States history. Beginning with Pre-Columbian America and ending with an examination of this nation’s current status in the world, A.P. U.S. provides students with a broad knowledge of the events, people, and issues that have influenced our development as a republic. At the same time, students practice the skills of historical inquiry and analysis by investigating primary sources and evaluating the work of various schools of historical thought. The course of study includes the following topics: Pre-Revolutionary America (1491 to 1754); The Revolutionary Era (1754 to 1800); The Democratic Impulse (1800 to 1832); Economic and Cultural Differences Arise (1832 to 1850); Manifest Destiny and Civil War (1850 to 1877); The Gilded Age (1877 to 1900); From Progressives to Normalcy (1900 to 1930); Depression and World War (1930 to 1945); Expanding the American Dream (1945 to 1968); America in a Global Age (1968 to 2009).



Teacher: David Green / Tim Gabehart