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AP - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  When I pass my Advanced Placement exam, what will it count for?    

Answer:  Over 96% of colleges and universities have policies for granting credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP scores.  The state of Kentucky requires (through KRS 164.098 that) their schools to accept AP coursework for some credit - although it may be as elective credit.   Check out "The Truth About AP" document for more information.

For additional information about specific schools, check out their website.  The University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University have provided us with their credit granting policies below:

University of Kentucky Credit Granting Policy

Western Kentucky University Credit Granting Policy 

And the link below outlines the course equivalents for AP courses in the state of Kentucky.

So, I've Passed My AP Course...What Will It Count For? 

Question 2:   When are Advanced Placement courses given?

Answer:  Check the link below from the College Board. 

College Board AP Calendar & Fees 

Question 3:   How many AP courses should I take?

Answer:  This varies greatly from student to student.  We would like to see every student who plans to go to college, to take and pass at least one AP exam before leaving North Oldham High School.  There is a significant amount of research that suggests a strong correlation between success in AP courses and success in college.

In 2014, 51% of our nearly 500 AP test takers were taking 2 or more APs simultaneously, and nearly 20% of our AP test takers were taking 3 or more…with a few students taking 6 AP courses.

For students who are ready for AP as freshmen, they will generally take 1-2 AP exams in both their freshman and sophomore years and 3-4 AP exams in each of their junior and senior years.  That is a total of 8-12 AP courses in their time at North.

For all other college-bound students, we would hope for them to take between 2-8 AP exams in their time here.  That would be 0-2 as a sophomore, 1-2 as a junior, and 1-4 as a senior. 

Question 4:  What is the effect of Advanced Placement courses on my GPA?

Answer:  Students who take AP courses earn weighted grades where an A = 5,  B = 4, and a C = 3, as opposed to unweighted grades where an A = 4, B = 3, and C = 2.  In speaking to various schools across the state, there is a lot of variety in how schools utilize weighted and GPAs in their admissions process. 

Grades play a role in many ways - KEES money, insurance rates, scholarships, college admissions - and there is a tremendous amount of misinformation about the topic.  From our discussions with college across the state, while AP courses may not play a role in admissions, they often times play large roles in decisions about scholarships and placement in honors courses.  At elite schools, there is an expectation that students are pushing themselves in high school, and at North Oldham High School, AP courses are where those students land.

There is a financial component to this as well.  In Kentucky, the cost of a three credit hour course varies widely, but is generally close to $1100.  The cost of taking most AP exams at North Oldham High School is $87.  Therefore, if a school grants credit for just one AP course, it is equivalent to getting roughly a $1000 scholarship since that course does not need to be taken at the college level.  And if your school is more expensive per credit hour, the benefit is greater.  Check out the questions above to determine what courses may count for at your college of interest.

Also check out the "AP and the Cost of College" document below for more information on this topic.

AP and the Cost of College